Madison Thompson

My name is Madison Thompson, I grew up in a small town in interior BC. I enjoy being spontaneous and adventurous, I love to travel and I love being busy, but I also love relaxing in a quite place of solitude. I thoroughly enjoy working with people, because every person is unique and individual and so every experience is different. I knew from a very young age I was a hands on human being. I grew up in a family of four women, my mom and two sisters, and I grew up around a lot of strong women. I was seeking a profession where I could incorporate my hands and women. I began my journey as a doula in Victoria, BC where I witnessed my first birth attended to by a beautiful island midwife. The care I witnessed by the midwife solidified my passion to become a midwife. I had applied to MRU’s midwifery program many times before being accepted and in the meantime I traveled to Europe, Asia, Australia and South Africa and worked abroad in Spain, as well as upgraded on the island and attended some nursing classes for one year. When I was granted acceptance, I was eager to begin, but to my surprise fell pregnant. I postponed midwifery school for one more year and gave birth to our beautiful daughter at home in water attended to by an amazing, empowering and thoughtful midwife, which only deepened my drive to becoming a midwife. I began midwifery school in Fall of 2016, which puts me in my first placement of second year. I feel so honored to share in this transforming part of a persons life.

Thank you so much in advance for allowing me to be a apart of the sacred space of your birth. It is truly an honor to be able to witness such a beautiful and vulnerable time in your life. I am excited to journey with you through pregnancy, delivery and the postpartum period. This is by far one of the greatest journeys of my life thus far and I am thrilled to be learning new skills and working among a community of amazing midwives here in Calgary.