Taryn Campbell

Hi there! My name is Taryn; I’m a fourth year midwifery student at Mount Royal University. A little bit about myself…

My initial interest in midwifery began when our high school class watched ‘the miracle of life’ video in science class. While most of my classmates were somewhat perturbed, I immediately became fascinated by pregnancy and birth. After graduating high school, I spent the next four years studying biology at Wilfrid Laurier University, working towards acceptance into the midwifery program. In order to get some hands on experience, I spent one of my summers in India doing a volunteer placement in a hospital where I attended many births, C-sections, and other surgeries. Upon returning home, I completed my labour doula workshop, and a few months later I was accepted into midwifery school at Mount Royal University in Calgary.

m very excited to become integrated into the midwifery community and have the chance to work alongside women and their families.

I’m looking forward to meeting you!