Tiffany Woodland

My name is Tiffany Woodland and I am a 3rd year student midwife at Mount Royal University. While shadowing a massage therapist during work experience for my Medical Sciences elective in high school, I touched my first pregnant abdomen during a client’s prenatal massage. I was in total awe. Within weeks I enrolled into the Mount Royal College massage therapy program, not realizing the greater impact that experience would have on my future career path. After 4 years, I needed a change from the small, dark clinic room of the massage practice I had built. I knew healthcare was my calling, but couldn’t put my finger on where I belonged. I took Emergency Medical Response training with the intention of becoming an EMT. Soon after, I was pregnant with my first baby. My sister recommended midwifery care to me, highlighting it’s holistic approach and option of home birth. I applied immediately and was accepted into care. Since then, I have birthed 2 beautiful children with the wisdom and guidance of midwives. The care I was provided by my midwives truly changed my life. It taught me the importance of advocacy, empowerment, informed decision making, and woman-centred care. There is no greater privilege than getting to care for and serve others in the transformative journey of pregnancy, birth, and becoming a parent.

I’m thrilled to be working with Beth Larsson as my preceptor during Spring/Summer 2018 and I am deeply honored to be supporting families in the care of the Aurora Midwives!